It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Skin Renewal has opened another branch in Hillcrest. The main Hillcrest branch is located at Camp Orchards' premises. The clinics are managed by doctors who are experienced in cosmetic & aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments and are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced nurses and therapists. The centers specialise in offering a full range of medical anti-ageing treatments including injectables, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.

Skin Renewal is affiliated to Body Renewal, which specialises in body contouring, spider vein removal, laser hair removal and other body related treatments, as well as Health Renewal, which specialses in medical weight loss, neutraceuticals, bio identical hormone replacement and the general improvement of the quality of life though healthy living. 

Not only will you be treated with the professional care and attention that you have grown accustomed to by our doctors and team, that we will now be offering all our patients the added extra of our very own luxurious Oasis Spa. With the addition of Africology to our Oasis Spa's, Skin Renewal patients needs. Revival, Renewal and Rejuvenation.

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