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The Colles

As two young newly weds, Stephan and Anne Colle were sent by Anne's father, Roger de Clerck, to establish a South African 'footprint' of their existing Belgium based carpet manufacturing business.  As daunting as the prospect of leaving all their family and friends behind, they took up the challenge and moved to a farm in Nottingham Road and went about the business of together planting the foundations of what is today, Belgotex Floor Coverings.

Having done a stint at a 'hotel school' in Switzerland the amateur chef, Stephan, true to his somewhat impulsive disposition decided that, as it was simply impossible to cook with the poor quality of the tomatoes on offer from the local trading store, to move to a new property in Pietermaritzburg.  The couple soon settled into their new home, the Pietermaritzburg community, and the local Woolworth's!


This new chapter in their lives was enriched by the birth of their son, Edward, who in adulthood would follow in Stephan's footsteps to become an invaluable member of the Belgotex team.

Anne, having helped build Belgotex into an established and highly successful company, found her niche in the world of decor and fabrics and the Anne Colle brand was born, as were Edwards younger sisters, Helen and Alice.  Anne's vision was to create a fabric house, which expressed her unique and timeless style. She was intrinsically involved in the design and manufacture of her signature fabrics, most if which were imported from her native Belgium.

Camp Orchards was initially acquired as a weekend retreat where the family could spend time together as well as affording the space to host their vast extended family during the holidays. It is in the grounds and homesteads of the estate that you will always find Anne's 'touches.'

Since moving there permanently once her children left school, Anne is personally and whole-heartedly involved in everything that is going on, be it the rehabilitation of the forest, the birth of an Nguni, the choice of Spa products, stocking of the Country Store, setting up for a function. Anne has her finger on the pulse of every detail that moulds together to make this beautiful estate what it is today.  She is fiercely proud of Camp Orchards and how it has evolved over the years.

People who know Stephan also know that any speech he ever delivers either starts or ends with these special words...

'My wife, my children and myself are proudly South African, we love this country with all of our hearts and are so blessed to call it home. There is no place like this on earth.'