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Our History

A century ago Camp Orchards was known as the camp that housed horses and men waiting to be deployed during the Anglo Boer War.  

The main house, which still stands proud today, is in it’s own right a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The original owner gathered stone from the area to build the main house. Adding to this natural character the wood which was stripped from a ship during the late fifties called the ‘Khalife”. This was used for the windows that now allow for the sun’s warmth to bask through and warm the home. The majestic staircase and wood paneling was imported from the UK and demanded only the finest materials and skilled master craftsmen.

After many years of dedication and hard work, the owner decided to move to Durban’s Edward Hotel. During the eighties, his grandson inherited the property and sold it to Anne and Stephan Colle in 1992, marking the start of their own Camp Orchards story.

Years of hard work and unified by their passion for Camp Orchards, Anne and Stephan went on to build Camp Orchards into the resort it is today.

The main house with all its character and charm was home to them and their three children for many years.  You will find a handful of cottages scattered around the resort that sleeps family, friends and guests. The sweeping gardens cushion an array of natural grasses and century old trees. A quaint family chapel built in memory of Anne’s late mum stands quietly in the grounds as does a Carrera Italitan Marble Statue of which one side is the carved portrait of Anne’s mum and on the other a chiseled relief of her fathers hand.

This resort is scenically and historically enchanting and a beautiful story to be fully discovered.